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PPL Dunnage Air BagPPL dunnage air bags: outer shell made by paper laminated with PP woven material, allow dunnage air bag strength, high pressure-bearing capacity, wide ranges of application, excellent printing image on the surface, could be used in humidity environment;More >>
PPW Dunnage Air BagPPW dunnage air bags: outer shell is made by high strength PP woven fabric, which allow dunnage air bag’s resistance to high compression force and could be used in any humidity environment; More >>
Paper Edgeboard Made of tube roll paper & craft linerboard, low cost, green product;To be used together with pallet, providing a firm overall packing solution;Could avoid cargoes’ tilt, collapse, raise packages’ strength on stack-up More >>

Company introduction

As a professional manufacturer on dunnage air bags, Zerpo helps to protect in-transit cargoes in right way.

Zerpo has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification.

Zerpo’s dunnage air bags has been tested by SGS, meets RoHS requirements.

After testing in China Packaging Research and Test Center, zerpo’s dunnage air bags could bear compression force more than 9.5tons.

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